PROCRASTINATION means putting off work until next time and on some level, it also depends on how you feel about the work.  Find out what type of Procrastinator are you out of these 6. 


This type of procrastinator procrastinates as a way of asserting their independence. They may feel like they are being controlled by others, so they procrastinate as a way of showing that they are in control.

The Crisis-Maker

This type of procrastinator only seems to be able to work effectively under pressure. They wait until the last minute to start tasks, and then they work frantically to get them done. This can be a stressful way to live, and it can also lead to mistakes.

The Over-Doer

This type of procrastinator takes on too much, and then they procrastinate on all of it. This can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and it can also lead to them not completing any of their tasks.

The Dreamer

This type of procrastinator is easily distracted by new and exciting ideas. They may come up with great plans, but they never seem to be able to follow through on them. This is because they are constantly being sidetracked by new ideas and projects.

The Worrier

This type of procrastinator is afraid of failure, so they avoid starting tasks that they think they might not be able to do well. This can lead to them feeling stressed and anxious, and it can also make it difficult for them to focus on other tasks.

This type of procrastinator is afraid of making mistakes, so they put off starting tasks until they feel they can do them perfectly. This can lead to them never starting tasks at all, or to them spending so much time on a task that they miss their deadline.

The Perfectionist

We hope these helped you understand the reason behind your procrastinating behavior.